Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Only If...

My first ever "unoriginal" peice of  creativity...
Saw this on a blog called "ICE MAIDEN"...and thought it to be simply wanted to try it out!!

 IF I WERE....

If I were a month,I would be July!(Love the rains+its my b'day month)

If I were a day,I would be Wednesday(dats wen I start anticipating for the weekends:))

If I were a time of the day,I would be 10:29pm...[who dares to ask me why :)]

If I were a season...without a second thought-the monsoon![it reflects my innerself...woteva dat meeans:P]

If I were a planet..I wud be...mmm...The earth [full of life!]

If I were an animal...I wud be...a pig  [I already look like one]

If I were a bird... I wud be a magpie [I want that tail!!!]

If I were a direction....I wud definitely be east!!

If I were a piece of furniture,I wud be a  cozy low hieghted  dark mahogny single bed with an off white sheet and loads of scarlet pillows!! :)

If I were a liquid...I wud be Irish whiskey...[dats what makes Irish coffee what it is!!]

If I were a tree...

I wud be a gulmohur tree in full bloom...[ever been to MNIT,Jaipur??!!u wud know why!!!

If I were a tool... I wud be...a paint brush! :))))

If I were a flower...I wud be a cherry red dahlia with morning mist on it...

If I were an element...I wud be ...water [free willed, usually calm but destructive wen time comes]

If I were a gemstone...I would be the darkest possible ornate or onyx...

If I were to be a kind of weather..I wud be ......   

...a dark windy monsoon night when you wanna do nothing but see the rain, hear it on ur roof and lose urself in nostalgia!

If I were a musical instruement...I wud be the flute! [closest to human breath]

or may be the violin..[have to hold it close to ur heart to play it!!]

If I were a colour,I wud be scarlet...


If i were an emotion...I wud be ...euphoria!! [who needs to ask why!!]
If I were a taste...I wud be that smooth taste which melts in ur mouth and fondles ur soul, when you eat a liquor chocolatePURE ECSTASY!!

If I were a sound...I wud be ...mmm...a gong in a peaceful hilltop monastry ...or... the husk in some voice...

If I were a fruit...I wud be a juicy pineapple [What??!! its my fav fruit dats why!!]

If I were some food...I wud be...some authentic continental dish,with lots curry and  mushroom in it!!

If I were a scent,I wud have to be the fragrance dat fills the air wen the first rain, strikes the dry ground!![Me and da original author agree on this one]

If I were a material...

I would be raw silk... that too in scarlet or the palest possible pastel green!!

If I were an object...I wud be my coffee mug!!!
or may object of attention,for certain ppl in my life!!

If I were a song, I wud definitely be ''fireflies''...

or dat bangla one: ''jokhon brishti naamlo'' or...well...mmm... can I have a "dashavataaram" like rajnikaanth for this one???plz plz plz!!

If I were a body part...I wud be the eyelashes!!

If I were a place...I wud be ...
HOME!wot else!!

If I were a facial expression...
I wud be...that peace and serenity filled expression which says "atlast"...and  makes ur eyes misty...
or may be that goblin glint in ur eyes wen ur upto somethin not very saintly!!!

If I were a footwear...
 I wud be those comfy fluffy ones,u can wear to ur bed!!or else I wud just prefer being a barefoot[but only some lady's,who is quite regular at pedicure.. mind it]!!

WOW!! That was silly...but,I feel awsome!!as if anything is possible...but then...
If I were a situation...I wud be that one in which, anything is indeed possible!!
sigh!!how I wish!!


  1. hmm..only if u were...good..bdw, i can dare to ask 10.29..why this?? waise i can guess...i think i noe the reason...hehehe

  2. wot hehehe... wots der to laugh!!It is a very serious issue of my life, k...

  3. very good. The extension of imaginations are highly praise worthy. It is absurdly original which is the best part. I wish you could continue like this.

  4. Had this post not been there, I would never have known how magnificent a "magpie" is!!

    If I were a comment, I would be "Smiled throughout."

  5. @mangoman:wow!! my best recieved comment till date...thanx!!:)
    m glad my post cud bring a smile!yippeee!now dats success!

  6. Your blog, in itself is a whiff of fresh air. I'll sure turn to some of the posts of yours when I'm low! I know I cant write much about optimism. I'm glad you do. :)

  7. @mangoman: most welcome, hope I can keep up everytime...
    and I dont know about optimism...but hey, U CAN WRITE!