Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Make it big!!! So easy it is to say these 3 words!!Quite literally-none of these words even have more than one syllable! we r hearing them all the tym...But man!! do these words hav weight!!! Well, yes, they do! The only thing that has ever scared me till date is "expectation" .ppl can fail to do nething, even fail to fail...but if theres one thing everyone is good at, sorry correction....if theres one thing at which the entire human race is at a tie for the first position, the "thing" wud b called,"expect me to expect".I mean, for god sake, gimme a break!!How many of them (da human race, i mean) truly cares if I do gud???Or even, me,I am telling myself at every 2nd chance"do good, ur expected to", well to be honest, even, I dnt care every why this hard, haunting, yet hilarious habit??!!Well I found myself pondering(yep! actually using my grey cells!) over this ever so important que.... and I came to da conclusion( I guess because I got tired of thinking)...That this is not only a hard, haunting n hilarious habit, but also in a way, hilariously hopegiving!!!I actually gotta know, that these 3 controvertial( self declared, this is my 1st post u c, gotta make it interesting!) words, actually motivate me!!I do get scared, but hell! Isnt getting scared of doing bad, a way to make urself try to do gud!!??Hey dont get me wrong, I'm not scared to fail, but yeah, I do love to succeed, These words make me strive to do gud, or better.No denying dat I get bitter wen ppl tell me widout a hint of concern on their faces "do gud, make it big" but hey, I feel challenged, nd then , I get to know that I too can do gud,!!So, ppl I dont care if you care or not... but keep on telling me "MAKE IT BIG"!!


  1. Good Thought. Writting has got uncommon style. I do not have much update for today's writting style amongst youngstars but definitely is is different. I hope you will get comments gradually. I also do have strong believe that you will succeed to reach your goal. Keep faith and always be honest and systematic.

  2. "Isnt getting scared of doing bad, a way to make urself try to do gud!!??"

    Ummm. interesting.

    Seagram's Royal Stag says, "Its your life. Make it large."

    I interpret it as making large pegs!