Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, to begin wid... I dont like crowd, neither do I like the stench of alchohol, and, I hate dirty toes, now I dont think I need to mention that I would definitely loath the combination of the three!!!But thats all that I had this weekend... This saturday, I had the misfortune of having to travel in "nagariya bus seva", the local city bus of jaipur, as the state transport buses were all busy in election duties.It was an experience, I thought I would always remember (and definitly not cherish) throughout my life.The bus had as many people as it could(noone here cares about the word "should", do they??!!)... Well, firstly, I had to stand for 45 minutes, then, when atlast I got a seat, I cursed my stars.... I had to sit beside a turban wale "kaka", whose turban was soooooo big, that for a silly, nd imaginitive moment, I fantasised if he was trying to smuggle something in it!! But, the size of his turban, didnt really bother me much... it was the smell... this fellow, his turban, dhoti, shawl(which I could have borrowed for my microbio studies, it was soo damn yukkkkk dirty), kurta, the whole of his being to be more precise, was... if I may use the word "dripping" in the stench of alcohol, he sure was in "high spirits"!!!this was the scene on my right, to my left, was standing a lady in a violently pink(I am antipink ,bdw) lehnga, with a baby, whose toes could have easily made it to the guinness book of world records for being the dirtiest in the world....and yes, these beautiful, cute, li'l, tiny,....filthy, dirty, house of germs toes were resting on my shoulders!! nd oh ya... the elder brother of this record setting baby was standing in front of me, wid a running nose, and running emotions too.....this poor child, got scared cuz of all the pushes he was getting from all the big bulky booze smelling uncles around him, and so, he grabbed my lap, and started wailing as if his pants were on fire!!! If this was not enough, his mother(yes, the pink lady) started cursing me in fluent marwadi!!!And well, I dont think that I need to mention a basic fact that if you happen to be a female in Jaipur, you can never ever fail to see atleast one sick staring pair of male eyes...Anyway, all in all, what I am actually trying to mean here is that, I had a terrible time, so,when I was atlast getting down at the bus stand, and thanking the heavens nd the bus driver to have finally arrived safely on my destination, I was just on the verge of deciding to forget this journey as a bad experience...when that child with the runny nose rushed to me,pulled at my dupatta and gave me a huge ear to ear toothless grin!!!After that...well.... all I can say is , I decided to remember this experience instead!!!:)


  1. Out of the five articles u have penned down, I feel so far this is the best. It is very lively and takes you in to that bus. I find the running nose near my lap and gets scared in sub concious mind to get it dirty. I do not dare to compare but clear style of Shova de can not be ruled out.

  2. Ummm, dat's India, I guess!!

    Good to experience all this once in a while!