Monday, January 18, 2010


Last night, I was invited to a surprise b'day party... "MY"surprise b'day party to be precise...But the party wasnt the surprising part, what surprised me, was that, I was cutting a cake in the mid of january, when the date of birth on my birth certificate reads 2-7-1990!! I was in no mood to go for dinner last night,was way too tired, feeling confused,and frustrated .To be frank I wasnt too polite when my roomy forced me to accompany her to the mess... I knew something fishy was going on... I mean who would need a sixth sense to gauge that, when generally noone dares to force me to eat or well, do anything for that matter!!But still, I didnt imagine that these adorable morons would actually make me celebrate my b'day!!They said as we always have our summer vacations in june and july, and so as we would never be able to celebrate my b'day on the actual date, I cut my cake on 18th jan!! why, 18th??... no reason... why reason again... But then, if we do go into the very fundamentals... is there ever a real reason why we actually celebrate at all???Isnt it just a way of stealing a few moments of that very neccesary thing called "happiness"???But last night, It wasnt just stealing though.... It was a proper loot!!And thats when I realised...I wasnt frustrated anymore... happiness happened!!

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