Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"Whats in a name" said Shakespear...Its rather true, our names dont really define us.
But sometimes it so happens,that a person's deeds,ways...his entire life gets reflected in his very name!!
JYOTI BASU-Yes,heres a name,that stands for the true identity of its owner.He truly was "Jyoti",a flame ofenthusiasm,vigour,charisma.Leader,phillosopher,reformer...he was one example that made me think "may be,just maybe,politics is not a bad word afterall".My father always says,it takes 'something' different to be great...great men are 'something' different.I dont know what that "something" is,but it feels so true today.How else do we explain the void that this 95 year old almost retired politician has left in Indian politics,and for some like me, in our hearts??!!
He was an era...Some news papers said "an era ends as Basu passes away". I think they need to make a correction, this era would never, in the true sense of the word "end".JYOTI,would continue to be alight...,both in our history, and our hearts,bringing brightnes,warmth and a faith,thats hard to explain...Just "something" different you know!! Hes genuinely "eternal"...and so, once again,I defy Shakespear;I named it correct,didnt I, "eternal Jyoti"??!!

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