Wednesday, January 27, 2010

......And life said "hello"

I happen to be fortunate enough to know a few really special kids...
I am even more fortunate that I have a regular interaction with them(dnt ask how, its a really looong story, and neway,am trying to cut my "bakbak" now a days)...These kids have a great ability,and a very rare one too..they can love selflessly.Every time I finish my 2hr journey and reach their home,feeling a bit tired...they'll rush to me and give me a bear hug(17 kids togeder!!),say all those loving things,declare me as the "best"...and ofcourse,take away all my tiredness in return!!A few weeks back,we were playing in a park.One really cute(and extra li'l) girl brought me a shell,frm a nearby lying heap of sand.I took it,and just to please her,said,"thnx,I love shells"...AND THAT WAS IT!!... suddenly,all over the sand,there were li'l hands,li'l feet, and li'l heads with an xpression, which could suit Jim Hawkin's face,in treasure island!!!It was the ultimate treasure hunt!!All the kids started looking for shells in the sand...Just 'cuz,I had 'declared' my love for shells..after a while,I was surrounded by dirty li'l hands, full of sand ,and ofcourse,those precious pieces of shells...That day, when I was coming back, my bag was brimming with memory with the twinkle I saw in their beauuutiful eyes when I told them I would wear jwellery made outta those shells,and my heart was brimming with all the love that I had recieved!!!I felt as if life itself,was smiling at me,greeting me,saying hello.I felt,I met life that day!!!


  1. BEING ALIVE....indeed dids u pruv it everytime, u r somuch alive in ur frnds's heart...ur presence is lively in those special kids,whom u get fortunate to meet with.Well, u played lucky to have won my heart,wen I read ur blog "and life said hello"...bsss humesha aise hi rehna yaar,warna tujhe sambhalna bhot mushkil ho jata hai,wen u take a u-turn frm dat lively road of urs...luv u bhuttu frnd!!

  2. Phew, yeah kids can make the difference!

    I've just come over from Carry on Tuesday!

  3. I am proud to see you in this new Avatar. Do carry out what you feel right and morally justified. But as a father I will remain tensed for you and your health every day. Love child and you will be loved by Almighty with out fail.

  4. have talent :) And great knowledge !
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