Sunday, February 21, 2010


OK!! So it has been a while, that I have written anything...
Well, life was busy... Many things have been going on... but today , I am here to share only my Delhi visit with,...well, with my blog[I cant boast of having  many readers:(]
This call from our capital city came all of a sudden actually,when someone in delhi cancelled a trip of his, cuz he wanted us to visit...Rare thing I know, but it does happen sometimes...hehe!!
Delhi summarise- ''fun''!!Life was on a "not so smooth" phase , when this trip got planned out of the blue... I really needed to ''escape'' from this jerky -bumpy time, that I was having...wanted to rush home, or to some place I could feel at home!!A friend of mine suggested Delhi, and not to mention the sugestion was more than welcomed by me! So we packed our bags, and were off...first we stayed at old delhi(I swear,the house we stayed in was a typical DELHI-6 set!!) The first sentence I said when we reached was-"I love this house!!"The people we stayed with were ...u know..."INDIANS" i.e., we became their "beta" in 10 minutes, they started caring for our comfort in 15 minutes, had us eating to our full in 20 minutes, and were saying "will miss u" when we were leaving!!!(am a proud Indian)...Next, we went to Rohini,and here again, we stayed with "Indians"....I dont think I need to elaborate any more....We saw almost all of delhi in mere 2 days!!And oh ya!! I also went to ISI, to visit a cousin of mine...strange aura in the campus I must say....too calm...liked that...a feeling of importance lingering in the air...didnt like that!!But the most thrilling part of our trip was when we had the metro police chasing us!! No, we arent potential criminals, so dont let your imagination take a flight...We actually, somewhat exploded a noise bomb,laughing out reallyyy,scaringly loud ( u know...''GIRLS''!!!).. Dont ask why....sorta personal...I hope my roomy doesnt read this ;)!!
Well, I ll end here, ...not cuz theres nothing much to write, but cuz theres simply tooooo much to write... and I dont know how to express all of it....
But it isnt really Delhi, or the  ISI,or the Metro police that I would remember about the trip... it was the feeling of calm,of being secure, of having a good night's sleep,that I got there when I was on the verge of reaching my emotional breakpoint that would fill my mind and heart, everytime I think back...I was sooo surrounded by negetivity during those days...Delhi and Delhiwalas, brought positivity for me...I was back on track when we returned...ready for some more negetivity....because, I had learnt, if theres too much negetivity around, positivity is bound to follow...You know...opposites attract!! Thankyou Delhi...This trip would stay with me for a long time....''dil''-hi dil mein :)

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  1. Dil hi jo dil mein rahe gaya usko likh dalo