Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life's Tough...but thank god I have it!!

Today I realised how lucky I am to have a life-and a normal, healthy one too!!
A friend of mine once quoted,"you know we are extremely priviledged", I remember agreeing with him wholeheartedly at that moment, but it was only today,that I realised the actual depth of his statement!!
I have some little(the best word to describe them), who are fun,adorable,honest,and all the possible good things in this world...except for one -they can not be called "healthy".You see, these kids have a regular rendevous with the deadliest word on earth-AIDS.I seriously admire thier courage...
There's this li'l fellow there, called Kalidas, who's got tuberculosis-just another of those ornaments decorating his diseased body,thanks to HIV,ofcourse. He has fallen ...kind of..."very" sick("thoda zyada beemar ho gaya hun",in his words!!)When I saw him today,I was suddenly struck by the fact,that this young fellow, might not live for very long...I might not be able to scold him in a few years from now or bribe him with my usual "you'll get a chocolate for this" ,or to speak out the dreaded words-actually see him ever!! This breathing, laughing, loving bundle of joy actually might just disappear from the face of the earth !!!
I started getting pensieve with these thoughts of mine, realising my good fortune,realising how selfish, we the "normal" ppl get,how easily we lose hope, and sometimes even enjoy the feeling of despair, and ofcourse start cursing our fate and god..."Why did this have to happen to me","why me,god!!" These are perhaps the commonest words that god gets to hear everyday from his followers...
I was lost, when suddenly Kali poked me and asked in his barely audible voice..."kal park chalenge na jeeja???" I somehow managed to smile.

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