Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dear Diary...

"Being Alive"...thats my blog..."Being Dead" This,I have decided to name my diary...
Cause, "being alive" is about those moments, when I realise, that I am truly thrilled to be alive, lucky to be breathing,you know...but my is  all about those times, when instead of walking on this grand creation of the almighty,we call "the earth"...I would rather be found(no,wait,actually "not" found,I would still prefer to hide) six feet under,and trust me: there are such moments,even in my life, the life of one of the luckiest,and the most blessed gals on this planet!!
What would I have done,if some very (very very very) intelligent person,somewhere,sometime, in the history of man kind,would not have had come up with the idea of a personal diary!!!I think, my existence would have been pretty difficult! Although I never make regular diary entries, but sometimes, when you have no place left to go, even ur best friend has heard u out,(quite enough,his shoulders are actually dripping wid the salt of ur tears)...and its time,when you have to turn to ur own self...for me,my diary is a reflection of that "self"...I feel a sense of safety,security and ofcrse,the ever soooo important stability,when I am feeling the most vulnerable,after making a diary entry,and pouring(LITERALLY)my heart out on its pages.
So, this time,On being alive its a tribute to that thing that handles me when I am close to being dead!! I call it "My Dear Diary",one of the most important and the closest entities of my life, my dire need sometimes...that makes my "being alive" possible...


  1. Cheers!

    If I may, I would like to suggest a better alternative. An anonymous blog. You never know who stumbles upon it and comments. Then you get to his/her anonymous blog. And you become legendary "sharers", no strings attached, no privacy compromised. Just a suggestion.

  2. hmmm....not bad at all...
    If I may dare to say,I have a feeling,dat I wud have to luk for an anonymous blog now dat sounds anti srk!!;)