Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Dawning" realisations...

Why am I writing this at this hour of the day??? It is 1:31am to be precise....Iwas thinking about going to sleep in a few minutes, when I started imagining tomorrow's morning(I usually do it, planning the next day sort of a thing.)...And it was then that I realised that I would love to share my thoughts with all you kind souls,who take the trouble of reading what I write.Every morning I get up around 5minutes before my alarm goes off....I am an early riser, every morning I get up at 6...5:55 actually...when  the sunlight enters our room through our window, and falls on my face...I am not a very sound,I hate it when I am sleeping, and a light is left on somewhere, I cant sleep with even the tiniest light logically,I should hate it when, in my relatively deep state of sleep in the morning ,I am awakened by the sun...but,I dont,... I actually love it!!!The sun not only strikes me with its light, but also, slowly brings me out from my world of dreams,in a way that makes me think,that the reality is going to be even more beautiful than my dreams...The sun's warmth has a strange cooling effect in the morning!!I lie there, passively for the next 5 or so minutes,thinking about nothing specific really...I cant describe what I feel at that is beautiful!!!I feel so energised,but at the same time, so serene...I feel so beautiful!As if the sunlight is glorifying me!! I realised, that these five minutes are the best moments of my entire day...when I have only me with me!A "my moments" sort of a thing :))

I think,I  fall in love with myself every morning!!It is during these moments that I get to know, how much I mean to myself,how very dear I am to myself...and perhaps it is this love for my self, that gives me the power of loving others. I had once heard that , it is  utterly neccessary that we love ourselves for being able to love others...and I know for sure that there are certain people, whom I seriously love!!I have realised tonight, what makes me capable of all that loving!

Wow!! now I know what a "good morning" really means!!for me it means :"good!! its morning!!" After all, It is that time of my day, when in my own strange,introvert way, I confess to myself...hey gal, "I Love You!!"


  1. LORD!

    Cant ell you how much I loved this post. Well, actually, I can. I'm gonna tweet about this.

    This is me, the coplete opposite - not a morning person at all, hate my life and can sleep in the loudest noise and brightest light.

    Amazaing how you can feel this way. Very inspiring! Sweet post!

  2. @mangoman: aaa...dont know wot to say really...
    and ya, its nothing amazing...easy...ur lucky to be u, realise this..I bet u ll stop hating ur life:)LIFE IS NICEEEE!!:)