Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moody Nights...

I live in a hostel and I love the position of my literally bathes in moonlight at nights....
My window faces a hill with the smallest possible hilltop temple ever, and a stable at the foot of  the hill...[and yesss...also the boys hostel ;)...though this is quite irrelivent here :P]
Well, I have my bed, just beside the window, and each night is a different experience for me...I am not a very sound sleeper, and thanks to this somewhat insomniac tendency of mine,I can enjoy my nights drowning in my own strange, not so composed and "nobody else would ever listen to this" kinda thoughts, untill am lulled to sleep sowly by Bryan Adams or Savage garden or Srikanto or Jagjit Singh or even Himesh Reshamiya sometimes(dont tell this to anyone plz plz plz)...
But last night, there wasnt any moonlight ...I had one of those nights when its raining outside the window, with the wind swishing at  the curtains and whistling in my ears...when in the pitch dark of the night, the sky suddenly gets split into two by a whip of lightning...followed by a loud roar of thunder... when neither the moon nor the stars are visible, and you dont even get the oppurtunity of missing thier presence either, because you are too busy, losing yourself in nostalgia, surrendering to your innermost thoughts and memories, imagining wierd situations that would never,in this lifetime,come true...and even smiling to yourself foolishly, thinking about them...
But amidst all these mixed emotions,jumbled thoughts and silly "part of growing up" confusions,I think there lies a kind of solace,a peace that you can only get when your thoughts are thoroughly haywire!!
I cant remember the actual song at the moment..but I think there's a line in some song that sings:"I find peace when I m confused, hope when I m let down"...the lyricist must be a very smart person!!
I reached a conclusion last night...sorrowes can be enjoyed too... :)
I wonder who was that smart fellow, who said "theres something good in everything"...


  1. Ye sab mere saath kyun nahi hota???????? :(

    Aur haan, main kisi ko nahi bgataunga(himesh bit)!

  2. @mangoman:maybe you have enf of happinesses to enjoy need to look for them in sorrowes...or may be...u generally sleep well!!
    and haanji...not even to ur shadow,da himesh-secret will ruin me!!!I am totally ashamed abt it!;)

  3. Really u liked himesh songs..well evryone is not perfect bt one has atleast one quality...i like ur abv written article