Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lights-Camera-Action... Director:GOD

Let me first confess that I have never really been much of a movie buff..So, incase that you were misguided by the title and expected some sorta movie review of a movie directed by some larger than life director,considered to be god by me...I would say,"HELLO!! Meet disappointment!!" I dont do glamour...I am a very simple creature, so I talk about simple things...I am too busy looking at and admiring the simple beauties of this awsome thing called "life"...
It was raining tonight...and so has been the case for the last 7 or so days...strange thing, considering the fact that I am in jaipur,that too in the middle of may!! But,well,who's complaining!!;D
Tonight, me and a friend of mine were completely engrossed in one of the most important things the laptop of an engineering student is used for...they call it: "watching movies"...we call it dire need in exam dayz ;)....(But I rly am not a movie buff,ok!!...its just a hostel thing,REALLY)...well, getting back... all of a sudden...there was this furious illumination outside my window...Nothing special...just friend joked...."wow!! god hamari photo le rahein hain!!" we laughed a little, and then just forgot it as some silly cute joke...later in the night,standing at my window,I was enjoying the rain,when the sky was streaked with that purple light again...
That was when, I was reminded of our "silly joke"..and as usual, my scanty and totally unemployed grey cells became active(somewhat :P)...A strange but interesting thought came to my see, although I am almost twenty...I still am just two, when it comes to imagination...and so, it began...
It occured to me that may be, god was indeed clicking our pictures...maybe, he was planning a blockbuster, for which he needed leads....and so, he was making a portfolio of all of us,to see who fitted the role the best!!! He wanted to see which one of us was the most beautiful so as to deserve a blockbuster...
And then, it struck me...we say that we have prewitten destinies,right?!, decided by that supreme power sitting above us somewhere... may be, a lightning is just his way of deciding who is the most beautiful, the worthiest of us all to have a blockbuster of a destiny!!! may be, our souls are our faces for god, and our deeds our auditions,based on which he decides whom to cast where...who is to become an Amitabh Bacchan,and who is to have flops lined up...Just like an audition ,he gives us, on the spot scripts and plots...Only,we call them "situations"...and then,he sits back on that DIRECTOR's chair of his, fixing on us, his all-knowing  eyes,to observe our "performances"...and then he decides...which role we are supposed to play!!And its no mean feat cracking those auditions either...he tests you with everything.... comedy, tragedy, romance, action...and in the end the climax!!! You have to give your best shot, put forward your best performance each time, to make him see the superstar in you!!!And will have it...your dream role...a blockbuster...a superhit....only in "ALMIGHTY-WOOD" this superhit is called, yes, that wonderful thing  :)
Action!! He's watching....


  1. One. I discovered a new smiley. ";D" I wonder how its done facially!

    Two. Imagination of a two year old??? Damn! You gave the post a surreal touch. If Aristotle or Socrates wiuld have made a similar observation, it would have been a saying till now. Bloody Halo Effect!!

    Lovely read!

  2. Three. Can you pleeease go to this blog's settings and disable the captcha that's needed after every comment posted. I'm not spam!!!!

  3. @mangoman: one-;D is a wink wid a big grin...a my kinda xpression,u c, i cant help grinning ol the time:D,but normal ppl dont use it very much
    two-wow!dat was pretty flattering!!**blushin*blushin**,but,wot xactly made u say halo effect??
    three-yeah sure...

  4. By Halo Effect I referred to the bloody philosophers. Anything they said became sayings and anything we observe limites to our blog!!

  5. I am happy to see that my little one's realisation peak is getting fast. Since the time sense has made us inquisitive and human, we took our imaginations and understanding for life from the natures' basket only. Today at the dawn of 21st century also, tradition runs like that only. It is for very fortunates, who get this realisations. This only makes a common man special for the self, for the soceity and for that Almighty also. They are God's own Child. I am very lucky to be your father, beleive it my gal.

  6. @pa: I entirely agree wid u abt da "very fortunate abt dis realization" has actually been my very first thought b4 I wrote many of me posts...
    and I think a common man is da most special thing to happen to dis world...and its da commonness dat makes us all so special!!!
    and wot lucky to b ur father???!!! Its all in da genes! :)