Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just one of those things...

I am a bathaholic(hope this term exists)...which means I love to bathe...I am sort of addicted to it.
So quite often, it happens, that I run out of  soap:P and then, without a way out,I start using shampoo instead!!
This happened again recently...
It was a weekend... just after taking my bath,I went to a friend's room...
As soon as I entered, her roomie commented with total innocence..."whats smelling so good??" Feeling somewhat embarrased but pleased(come on,her comment could be taken as a compliment too!!!) at the same time,I replied "me"...But you know them...GIRLS!!!We are a curious breed, its difficult to calm our ever so curious minds at one obviously, this "scent sensitive" friend of mine was not satisfied with "me" alone as an answer..."Which soap" was her next one...I am not a very spontaneous liar....I could have named some exotic french  la savon...but being Divyashree Datta(read ''a dumb female'')...I said,"its Himalayas daily use shampoo"...She looked at me....the look changed into a stare...which changed into a gawk...and then an expression of pure pity!!!:(
She stood up, walked to her almirah, took out a greenish colored something and handed it to me...she said..."bechari...use this from the next time"...I generally dont take favours(especially when am called a "bechari":@)...but I was quite embarrased to say I took it.
The cardboard packing looked somewhat familiar...but I didnt pay much attention to it...who cares about brands anyway:P!!Later,when I was taking my bath before going to sleep that night....the smell of that soap stirred something in my was extremely familiar...I felt as if I had known this fragrance for quite a long time!!But although I tried very hard to remember,I couldn't figure out,why I was sensing this familiarity...when I came back to my room,there was a missed call on my cell from my dad's number...and then it dawned...that smell... the familiarity of which I was unitentionally loving, which compelled me to stretch my bathing time over a considerable margin,was the smell of my dad!! I underwent a strange was as if time had turned back,I was again a 10 year old when my dad used to come out of his bath before the evening tea, with beads of water all over his body,his scanty(sorry dad!!:)) hair standing all around his cute round face...his entire being,the air around him fragrant with that very same scent,which on that night gave me a feeling of home coming ...I had unknowingly loved this scent for soooo long, it had stayed back in some deep corner of my heart...and so many years later,it had come out of that corner,and made me realise that it was very dear to me!!

Memories are wierd things,aren't never know,what causes you to go back in time,dwell in those long forgotten moments....A scent, a touch, a gaze....god knows what takes you down the memory lane...sometimes,you cant even remember what it is it happened to just have this feeling....a feeling that freezes your being for a while ...but warms your heart for what seems like eternity...its a thing you have zero control over...Not that this has an authority over the course of your a practical mind...its just a state of mind...But yes...when this state happens,you cant help feeling good inside, it may not be authorizing your life as such...but it definitely creates such moments that make our lives more...well..more lively!!You cant even explain why this happens all of a sudden.. you cant even give this feeling a name....You know, it just happens...You just feel it...You know...its just one of those things...


  1. Its just of those things, true and well written! Made me re-remember some of the most beautiful things in my life!

  2. good to hear that...thanks a ton!

  3. Yes memories do ar weird...dont it will get sparked by just one thing n will make whole things lit up with those oretty gud moments we spent...