Saturday, October 9, 2010

I wish a thankyou was allowed :-)

OKAY!!! I completed my hatrick this month...lost my third cell phone!!! Yes!! I can officially declare myself  a super loser now! I hate myself!
 I was "almost" happy the day it happened, it was celebration time in my college!!I was singing and dancing, hopping around, smiling at people, laughing loudly after a really long see, I have become kind of a crybaby since a few months, life doesn't seem too bright now a days, I guess my looking glass has got shit on it :-P
Anyway, coming back to the point, I felt really sad after losing my was such a sense of loss... although the cell was worth only 3000 bucks, and perhaps it was one of the most useless models ever launched by a mobile company , with no special features(not even a blue tooth)...but the phone contained some of the most cherished memories of my 20 years of life.... which actually redefined "life" for me (yeah, I know I sound pathetic....but guess what, I feel pathetic too!! so forgive me)
I even started crying!!!!...and then feeling silly....and then crying again.....and kept on friends were so scared and awkward ...not their fault, it was the first time they ever saw me like this. I was so busy crying and feeling silly that I did not notice what was happening around me.... my friends, ten morons to be more precise, had stopped the celebration( forgotten about it rather) and they were all over the college, the cafeteria, the xerox-wala's shop,  the campus grounds....basically every possible corner of the university where their careless and useless friend (ME) could have dropped her phone!! One of them, with whom I wasn't talking since the last month (ego problem), roamed around in the campus grounds, burning his head in the sun for me, and then he even gave a try to make me smile, another guy, I cant even tolerate being in the same room with, called almost every person I had come across that day in order to check if they have that damned phone with them, a third friend actually stole a bottle of water for me from a faculty's office!!!! All of them were so of the girls even risked taking up a fight with the cafeteria-man when he refused to cooperate!!! My friend, whose party we were enjoying, left his special someone alone, on that special day of theirs, and instead spent his entire day with me, trying to cheer me up, and that girl didn't complain even for once!!! They all made me feel so important, so special and most importantly, none of them called me silly :-) !!
Drowning in the feeling of loss, and helplessness, cursing myself and of course, fate...
 I was almost about to feel grateful to them...when I stopped myself...

 Silly me!!!! What are friends for???!!!! :-D
The Morons

PS: I am suffering from what u call a "writer's-block" (not that I would ever dare to call myself a "writer")  in case u find this write up silly or amateurish....I am sorry. May be not very well expressed but I meant every line....and everything written between the lines!


  1. dis one' really gud..i lovd it!! itz lucid n at da same tym weird( cz it describes ur charachter)!!

  2. hmm......finally samajh aa gayi value!! huh...

  3. @doc: thnku thnku.... but m not weird :-P

    @divya: haan...aa gyi..

  4. yes, u r dear..n hurry yaar..ek aur article post kar jaldi..m dying 2 read..course ki padhai se to kaafi interesting h..!

  5. :D :D Mila ya nahi phone?? Reciprocate rather than thanking :)

  6. @soumya: i dont know how you could have missed... but dids is wearing a SUIT(or whatever it's called). GAHAHAHHAHAHHA

  7. @doctor: thanx thanx but padh le yaar....future me meri lyf ka sawaal hai!!

    @mangoman: :( nhi mila!! nd yeah....didnt think about that!!

    @saksham(cuz "sax" is just not u): MAI LADKI HUN!!!! I HATE U SOO MUCH!! mai suit pehenti hun cumonnnnnnn!!!!!

  8. One loses something in order to have something better i guess..n apart from dat u js came to know abt ur real n caring frrndsss ...haina