Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happily suffering....

You happen to be a very strong person emotionally...You don't get bothered easily, forget about getting are a person whose favorite exercise is smiling, and a person the sound of  whose laughter spreads faster than the chicken flu...To summarize, you are a person who feels ''blessed'' with every heartbeat...
                         But one night, sitting with a few friends, listening to perhaps the most idiotic song ever, you, even more idiotically, happen to connect yourself with its lyrics,and start feeling that somewhere, something is not right...that you are missing start wondering  what went wrong somewhere in your life...what was the mistake that you made, and why, inspite of the fact that you consider whatever happened to be a very trivial affair, are you suffering so miserably...
                            And then....for the first time in a long, long, long.... long period... you feel that wetness on your cheeks, that taste of salt on your lips, you experience that feeling of getting choked, choking more due to expressed emotions than due to suppressed cries..... you start crying,  feeling more n more foolish, with each tear you shed...but knowing that you are being honest at last, that  you are accepting your defeat, surrendering, to that honest part of yourself, which you had imprisoned in a cell of  lies and pseudo strength...
Shocked that you are, at the sudden stimulation of your all time "dormant" tear glands, you are relived that this would make you feel lighter...but strangely, you start feeling even heavier, more bottled up than ever, may be because you have realized that the "trivial" matter was not so "trivial" after all and you are scared, insecure about how much more you will have to suffer ahead.
You keep listening to depressing songs for the whole night, filling your mind with depressing thoughts, getting depressing nightmares, and waking up the next morning in a completely depressed state feeling like the most undeserving and unwanted creature alive...

Then...your cell phone beeps, you get a totally unexpected message from one of the very few people who matter to you, asking you a question no "undeserving,unwanted" person is ever asked...the message asks, "Howz the most beautiful person on earth?"
You just smile and feel blessed... once more :)


  1. I was honestly scared!!!

    Your post has been a source of inspiration!!

    Thanks bro, whoever you are, for that sms. God bless you two!

  2. See... people arent that useless after all...

  3. @mangoman: scared??!!
    "bro" would be my "just" best friend...remember??!! ;)
    and thank u sooo much :D

  4. @saksham: bas haan, zyada ud mat :P

    u ll always remain da most useless creation of god....woh toh mera talent hai,I know how to use even useless things :P

  5. Nek Chand's rock garden proves his creative acumen (turning rocks and other materials into art). Next is the Great Saksham Chand - the able heir of the Chand family who has already shown his worth in the fields of academics, dance, art and other countless human means of entertainment which are nothing but ways incorporated by the mortal human species to run away from the fact - death is the ultimate winner( kinda dark :| ).

    People Hallelujah!!!

    And narcissism reaches new heights...

  6. @saksham: :P
    this just proves how very "vella" u are. In other words....USELESS!!!!

  7. i can easily connect maself to dis one..really nyc ha..hats off roshogolla!!

  8. @doc: thanx re!!! just dont call me by that offensive name puhleeez!!