Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JAAG- from unfair unprofessionalism

This post is for a new but definitely promising endeavor called "JAAG" , started by a supremely talented blogger...
"Jaag"- it is a common hindi word, meaning "awaken"...and that is what this initiative is all all my humble  understanding, it is aimed at awakening the responsible human side that I believe is present in all of us, although in most of the cases hibernating..enough of that beauty sleep now...its time that we wake up and take a look at all the ugliness around us.
This is my first attempt...i dont know if this will have an effect, but I have decided to act like a snooze alarm!! I will keep on ringing, keep on writing, till at least one soul awakens.So here goes...

Who wouldn't want to work in an office that is fully air conditioned to start with... has old bollywood melodies playing constantly... where any hour can be regarded as the lunch hour... where you have your own desk, but you are allowed to use anyone' have access to every employee's computer as well....and of course  you can ask your customer,"you see, am new you have any idea how this is supposed to be done?""!!!...Welcome to the city branch of the Central Bank Of India!!!!

Trust me, there is not even an ounce of exaggeration in the above mentioned description... 
I needed some work done in this office, and was actually tensed that I might be late... but hey!! we at central bank are big hearted people, we dont disappoint our customers just because they are a bit late!!! And we are anything but snobs! If we have any confusions...we simply ask our customers to help us...we actually give them our computers so that they find it easier to solve our problems and help us with our inefficiency!!

Man!!! I doubt If I ever saw a more "bindaas" attitude anywhere in my entire lifetime...these people just dont care!! I was shocked to see the condition of their desks...."important" documents lying haywire on every possible corner of their tables...aren't these documents supposed to hold extremely valuable informations about a thousand commoners who happen to be foolish enough to trust these "sarkaari" employees???!!! 

How could these people, who are running their homes, getting medical facilities,travel allowances and god alone knows what else from the taxes that we pay have a behavior so "hideously bohemian" towards  our hard earned money... I felt, to say the least..."disappointed"....and somewhat scared...I mean,for god sake, you are discussing       theplas and handvi over my money!!!

Dont take me wrong..I dont for once mean to portray these bank people as some sort of dark criminals...they were  everyday people...They just seem to have got used to such non-carish ways...but wouldn't you call that unfair??They might not be stealing our money...but isn't such sheer unprofessionalism a form of corruption too??!! We are almost being played with, and that too in the hands of  inefficiency and negligence!! I refuse to accept being treated as a toy, so should you...JAAG!! 


  1. One. Thanks a ton for being a part of JAAG! The snooze alarm bit was a masterstroke.

    Two. A big big sorry. Have really not been able to find time out for the last few days. I'll kickstart the JAAG reservoir soon!

    Nice read. I sometimes wonder if each one of them should be given the VRS option!

  2. I suppose it will be sort of intelligent banking on yourself with out much of banking with this bank.Only bank of Ganges is left.

  3. @mangoman: it should be me,thanking u fr da oppurtunity,not u, apologising fr nt reading dis post b4 :)
    and these ppl alrdy have an atmosphere of retiremnt at their workplace, dey dnt need a VRS

  4. @pa: hahaha!!yeah, this one's more polluted than the bank of ganga fr sure!!