Monday, June 14, 2010

Rendevous with a rikshawala

How spoilt is the y-generation???

Isnt there a serious lack of responsibility in the young crowd of today???

Can a guy and a girl ever be "just" friends???


Its 10.30 pm!why arent you at home???

These are just a few questions that I recently a rikshawala!

Me and my best friend were out for a movie that night and we were returning home when we met this "curious" riksha driver...We were busy with our own talks,when he interrupted us... I was  telling my friend something about my ma n pa,a very innocent joke actually ...when this guy bursted out laughing,and said,"mummy-papa ko bhi nhi chodte aap" I was quite taken aback by his reaction ,because I hadn't expected that he would be listening...neither did I want him to. Anyway, being polite,"little kids" we smiled,and ignored this as a joke...however,our very friendly rikshawala wasn't done yet...WHAT AM I SAYING!! was actually only the beginning..

He suddenly stopped laughing,and started telling us off instead...that we should leave our parents alone...shouldn't laugh at  their expence....this is not right,etc etc...some more etc....

We still didnt say anything...not that he gave us a scope to...
He went on wait!! "talking" is not the right term here...he went on "telling"...
I know now that he has got a 15 year old daughter called Heena,a wife with whom he has been married for the last 17years...He leaves home every morning at 8am and goes back at 2.30 am...

I know that he once met a couple,who were being...u know...a "couple" and  when he tried to stop them from being such a "couple" they told him that they were married...only to confess later that they were not...they were just a "couple"...This guy has some serious issues with PDA(public display of affection)

He is a self proclaimed superhero...he recounted how he once saved a poor chap in front of the IIM-A from he slapped the scoundrels and stopped them from toturing the helpless guy...and even gave them a lecture on the same...(I dont doubt the last part)

Then he asked us straight away...well,actually,there was some hesitation..."can I ask u something "prasnal"....would u answer it for me??" No,we didnt get the chance to say an yes or no....he did get "prasnal" without waiting for our reply...
"Can a guy and a girl be just friends"(looking at us suspeciously from the rear view mirror...we shifted slightly away from each other...couldn't help it, the guy had hawk eyes!!!)

We looked at each other and took that unsaid decision...enough!!! kood jaao maidaan me!!!
We started defending ourselves...and in the process ended up telling him the story of our own friendship...I said out loud ,"we arent just friends, we are "best" friends....we know each other since the last 13 yrs and it has never occured to us that we could be anything more...we know each other inside-out, and really care about eachother...and we want to be like this for ever...I would never ever wanna lose him, come what may!!!"
Then I stopped dead...I didn't realise it,while I was saying all this...but ,I had never cared to tell my friend how much he means...May be,I would never have been able to word my feelings as well,never would have even bothered...but thanks to Hasmukh Bhai(yes! our rikshawala)...I poured it all out that night...I stole an embarrased glance at my friend...only to see that same stupid smile on his face that has been there since the last 13 yrs...

I dont know if he even heard what I said(he usually starts saying the alphabets in the reverse order in his mind when I am talking too much :P) but yesss...I was  satisfied  that I had successfully expressed  my emotions to atleast one person I truly love :) meant alot :))))...and when I dropped him near his house that night...I was surprised that I even had the guts to say,"dhyaan se jaana"...
And guess what,I think he did listen afterall...cause he turned to reply,"haan,haan,dont worry" this was new!!!
well...I was lost in the awsomeness of whatever I was feeling at that moment when I was jerked out of my thoughts by Hasmukh  bhai again..."ma'm apko itna late baahar nhi hona chahiye...acche ghar k lagte ho..."

I was expecting another bout of irritation from myself at this yet another personal comment....But I was surprised to find myself smile and say, ya, its late indeed!! :)


  1. Woah! that doesnt happen everyday!!

    You don't need to reply to the following if you don't want to. Rather, I expect you to ignore.

    I have come across many XX and XY - "friends". And I've been a mutual friend to many such "pair of people". I TOTALLY, to the last strand of sobriety, believe that XX and XY can NEVER be close friends. Ek level tak toh chalta hai. But when things get to knowing each other "inside out" and sharing every damn thing on earth without boundaries, "just friends" seems such an insult.

    After all what is "something more than being just friends"?? Its about having an extraordinary comfort level. Its about loving each other's company and the ability to talk about any nonsense without the discomfort. Its about the readiness to spend any amount of time together.

    Leaving the physicalities aside, I see nothing more to "more than friends" than "just friends". I, therefore, see having such close friends a futile exercise, rather, a mode of denial.

  2. I wud love to answer u!!

    speaking from personal experience...
    I have a "just" friend (and I am not going to justify the use of "just" here,becuz I know u r a stubborn guy(no offence),so it wud be of no use :))

    and I have a "more than a friend"...who fits da description given by u simply so well...

    all I can say is,trust me, there is a difference...
    my "just" friend can neva be my "more than a friend"...and da oder one can neva be my best friend-ever!! ewww dats scary!!!

    u see, m a person who wud neva try to "deny" wot I feel...I wud rather not dare to,my relations matter a lot to me so I wud neva dare to insult them... :)

    and u know wot...u have unknowingly solved a huge personal issue of mine...thanx a ton,actually can neva thank u enf!!!:)

  3. One, 'opinionated' would be a more preferred word than 'stubborn'. ;)

    Two, You are welcome for whatever I did for you, unintentionally!!!!! ;D

    Three, Doubts still remain and you know that. So chapter closed. :)

  4. one: I know u r a wizard wid wrds, but no, u r stubborn...

    two: I noticed the invention in use, yessss!!!!thnx again !!

    three: see....I told u, ur stubborn ;D

  5. nice blog ..nice post and a rare experience !
    i feel as adults , no matter how close or how innocent XX and XY's friendship is theres always an undercurrent of sexual tension ! ( whoa ! wat did that sound like ? :-$)

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  7. @vicious: firstly, thnx a ton fr all da complimnts :)m a happy gal :)

    and that sounded like....I wud say, a very generalised idea

  8. looks like you bumped into rickshaw superman!! :D
    great blog BTW

    Scribblers Inc.

  9. @scribblers: hey!! thank you soo much!!!
    ur most welcome if u find this any good :)...keep visiting

  10. again awesome post :).......
    m nt flirtin this hw u managed to write ol dese so easily rey.......

  11. @harshit: yeah, ur not flirtin, bt surely exagerrating!!:P...but still, compliments are always welcome,wid open arms:D
    thnks re!!!

  12. and I have a "more than a friend"...who fits da description given by u simply so well...

    Can we meet him ??

  13. @pa: RELAXXXX baba.... nothing's cooking, I swear!!! more than a friend bole toh...I cn have any discussion with that person wid a comfort level, thats higher than even da comfort level between me and saksham!!!thats ol!!

  14. @pa: and u didnt comment on the post at all!!! ur comment was on a comment!!!

  15. It always takes a third party to realize your treasures..
    what u have....
    what u share....

    and above all..

    (take the hint)

  16. @saksham: what have we ever done for each other apart from creating hell in each others life??!!

    anyway.... point taken...but not da hint :P