Monday, June 7, 2010

I am odd!!

I am on a holiday...meaning loads and loads of free time :P
so, I have been doing a bit of self analysis ...only to discover, that I am even more strange than I usually am percieved to be!!!
well, strange as I am...I had really a great time making these conclusions :) so here are a few of them...

* I feel closer to people when I am alone and I feel lonely when I am amidst a lot of people!!May be thats why I love being alone :O

* I hate hurting people...but generally always end up doing the same :(

*I neva let anyone hold my hand...only three people on this earth have got this right, two of them do this while crossing roads 'cuz they panic while doing so!!

* I get commited to everything I start it a frienship or something as simple as a book!!!Cant leave a book half unread!!

* I am usually percieved to be rude,and I dont like it ...but I absolutely loath it when someone calls me "sweet"-YUKKK!!!

*I HATE dirty toes-UGHHHH!!!

*I cant pray at temples,mosques,churches,or any other holy place...although I am a firm b'liver of god,mind it!!

* I cant be sad for too long...totally impossible...I have even made a concious effort to stay sad,only to fail!I cant help smiling!!!

* I love getting tired!!!both physically and emotionally!!!It makes me so happy to be busy :)

* My favourite dish is "finger nails" :P

* I laugh more when I am very sad!!!Its a direct proportionality: the sadder I am,the louder I laugh !

* I dont care about most of the people I come across!! but I cant help caring like hell for certain people who matter to me,even if I try not to care...altho none of them would b'live dis :(

* I can turn deaf  when I dont want to listen...I wouldnt even bother, I dont care enough..

* I cant lie....secret: weird though it is, but my hands start shivering when am lying

* I am generally more rude to those people whom I love-very much!

* I am usually speechless when I really want to say something, but I am all "blahblahblah" when I havent got the faintest idea of what I am trying to say!!:P

* I am pathetically punctual...every morning I get up 5mins before my alarm goes off so that I can sleep for 5 extra mins!! I make my coffee in xactly 3mins and drink it in xactly 7mins everyday!!!sometimes I am early and scold pople for being late when they are on time!!:P

* I dont like it when people pretend...and I can be pretty "stright forward" to them!!!

* "I hate u somuch" is the most frequent thing that people I dearly love hear from me!!

* I cant help thinking positive!!!!I can be almost impractical,when positivity is concerned.

* I hate justifying myself, but I am pretty good at it :P

* I cant stand being misunderstood, but that is mostly the case!!!

* I fall down at every oppurtunity that I get...I really think something is wrong wid my balance centre!!

* I hate being sick....I am a store house of diseases!:(

* People being careless about their health is out of my tolerance doc's sick of me not paying attention to my health!

* I can make a thousand expressions over a single matter....and I hate the fact that I cant express all of them with this stupid keypad :(  :O  :P  X-(.... hell!!!technology is sooo limited!!!!

* I am blessed wid a great memory....I neva forget b'days,anniversarries...nething...only I cant help forgetting my meals!!

* I hate my eyes!I think they are abnormally huge!!I actually stop trusting a person if he/she happens to compliment me on my eyes!!!

* I dont understand how my kohl always...ALWAYS manages to get smudged!!!

* I love writing...and I am very particular about my blog...almost addicted!!I blog for hours even during xam days!!:)

* A lot of  chaos makes me feel at  peace!!!

* I go into deep thinking at weird times...e.g: crossing roads, waiting for a bus at crowded bus stands,getting down from a local train....

* I cant sleep during transit...bus,train,flight,wateva...

* I dislike getting addicted...I have to take pain killers when I dont get my daily dose of  coffee :P

* I am happiest when I am dancing, most satisfied when I am painting....and both...well that never happens :(

* I cant handle being complimented for some noble deed...(not that this happens too often :P)

* I have a pathetic road sense...I even get lost at my workplace sometimes :P

* I detest inefficiency....but I am very patient with such people :P

* And yes, I absolutely love this smily :P

* To be avoided or ignored ,I consider is the  ultimate disrespect ...I usually do this with people I dislike....and now I am beginning to think I am truly mean :(

* "I am a girl" is the thing I need to keep reminding some of my friends!!! X-(

* I always like to keep it short....all my blog posts are looooooooooooooong ones :(...just like this one....I really think I can go on for eternity wid this I would rather stop :P...altho I know it very well that I ll  be adding  on later :D


  1. pheewww!!! Read em all!!!

    All I can say is that you seemed to be an entirely flip-180 person initially! But some of the pointers hold so very well in my case. Actually, you put ur finger to many of the latent ones that I never knew were the cases with me!!

  2. all of dem!!! u r da best!!:)

    ya I noe, thats one more odd thing, I m always taken to be smthin different:P actually, to b honest,even I find myself shockingly different at times!!

    and I didnt know dis wud have such an effect!!I was just being a bit self obsessed actually :P
    hope u dnt regret discoverin da latent ones :|

  3. hmmmmm...hey nice observtns:)n al f dm r absltly rght as far as i knw u :P


  4. @shanky: lol!! u know me alomost well!!! ;)

  5. @pa: worried??? LOL!!! yeah me too!!! ;)