Monday, May 24, 2010

wierd world+confusing crowd=happy conclusions:)

I have discovered a new wierdness about this world!!
Yesterday, my sis had her  examination,here at mumbai...I decided to accompany her to the centre.
The local train, and a rikshaw ride took us there...I dont think I need to explain how busy and fast this city of dreams is!! Theres so much movement every where...every single face contorted in tension, every single footstep in a hurry to reach its destination...every pair of eyes tired...but awake...and every soul focussed on making a place for itself in the crowd.

Anyway,we entered the railway station...I saw the crowd...a crowd always makes me wanna think...and there I went...quite as a fallen log...I even stopped smiling(a thing very uncharacteristic of me)...but I still didn't know exactly what I was thinking...
The train arrived, and our journey to churchgate started...My sis was busy studying, I was busy noticing people...happy faces, sad faces, tired faces...every single face was like a new story...a story that would most likely stay untold in this world...because none of us really cared!!We are all strangers afterall...not known to each other...and hence,not bothered about each other...
I noticed that the person sitting in front of me was smiling to himself...may be a promotion,a vacation, his daughter's wedding,a sibling coming home after a long time,or who knows...his anniversary, or may be just a memory made him smile...I was trying to guess, when I felt that warmth on my cheeks...I realised, I too was smiling with him!! Why would the smile of an unknown man make me want to smile?? How was I bothered by the unknown happiness of this stranger??But was he really a stranger? if we plunge into the depths...are indeed we all truly such strangers...arent we all related... related by that frown on our forehead during difficult that hollow in the corner of our lips in happiness...that elevated nose in pride...that raised eyebrow in surprise...that firmness of the chin in determination...Yes!! we all share a bond...we are all bonded by that common bond of commonness!!
Since my encounter with a thousand commoners yesterday,I have started feeling closer to this world...much more wanted, much more wanting...its not the way I thought it to be afterall... everyone cares...because in this world every common deed of every common man matters, they affect the lives of everyone...its a chain reaction really!!!A does good to B ,B is happy,B does good to C ,C is happy... but if C breaks the chain...the reaction is disrupted...and this affects A and B too!!!
Emotions are smile when you see someone smiling,you feel bad when someone tells you about a mishappening...and yes, all of us are special...we  all mean the world to someone,we all have atleast one person in our lives,who totally depends on us...we all deserve a hug, a kiss, a pat on the back...So,come on...lets say a loud bravo for ourselves!! We are the common people....,we face defeats,we struggle everyday..struggle for our very existence...and yet, after every day's struggle, when we close our eyes at nights we dream of success,of winning that you see, we are all heroes,all stars...
It is us who run the, you might feel like a loser...but trust me, you are supposed to lose if you lost... ...if you dont lose today, you wont realise the worth when you win tommorow...
you are exactly where you are supposed to be...exactly what you are supposed to be....all of us are perfect in our own ways...'cause we were created by god and god makes no mistakes :)

PS: Bonjovi's song "welcome to wherever u are" was my inspiration,when I was 15...couldnt help remembering a few lines while writing this post today,thats why included some lines from the song ...
Bonjovi rocks :)


  1. BonJovism was my religion till a few months back!! "Every new beginning is some beginning's end"!!!

    Nice bit about the smile induction!! (:

  2. @mangoman: nice trem:"bonjovism" :)

    ya I know!!imagine wot it must have felt like experiencing that induction nd realizing that it was happening!:)

  3. The smile induction thing was fascinating, Divyashree. By the way, try and focus on the way you write, too. Omit ellipses. And format it well, too - that will actually increase the strength of your post!

  4. @virgin author: thanx a ton!! I wud definitely try to take care :)

  5. This is quite a striking observation of yours-we all have elements of uniqueness and commonness and this very combination lays the foundation of 'Connectedness'.

  6. and yeah , smile can sometimes be like an element of uniqueness n sometimes of commonness and sometimes of, smile is usually and easily very instrumental for our journey towards the connectedness so that was good point/illlustration you used for explaining connectedness as we could easily relate and get 'connected' to it..

  7. ab se hum apki direct tareef nahi karenge nahi to aap hamare sar pe chhadh jaengi !
    It was kind of profound ! and yeah as i said i have many other tareefs lined up . but i will keep it to myself.

    1. humme sar pe chadhna nhi aata.
      but yeah... compliments and criticism,both, I welcome. lets see hw much u hav got :P

      nd thanku so very very much fr commenting, complimenting nd more than anything else, reading!
      i always look frward to ur elaborate reactions, bless u! :)