Monday, May 9, 2011


You dont do this!! you dont go into hibernation for six months , and then when you at last decide to write something again , all that comes to your mind  is the biggest jerk on planet earth.
The jerk who, if the english language allows , could signify as the opposite word to yourself ;
He is a narcissistic , I m perhaps my biggest critic!!
He is an all time cursing fellow, I consider even " rascal " (sorry :0) to be a big swear word!!
He is totally into gizmos , I still prefer pen and paper!!
He is in love with computers(actually a software engineer) , I have to think twice before spelling c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r-s!!
He personifies " LAZY ",  I hate having nothing to do!
He plans to color his hair green , I hate hair colors and I hate green!!

He is a total weirdo as well :
I tell him I kind of saved a child's life ...... all he manages to express is " F*** "
He misses me and the only text I get is " are you dead "
I show him my new camera, his compliments : " this can make even me look human " 
He didnt notice when I lost 12 kilos , but I got a " yukk! you are wearing make up " when I had just a trace of Kohl in my eyes!!

This guy , I have known for a long time (really long)...........still I wonder if I really know him at all!!
I know that he has been around for what has been fourteen years , has managed to forget my birthday , in each of those fourteen years , I know he has never had even a single word of consolation in distressed times of mine , has never had any kind of bonding with any member of my family , I know he has never been an advisor to me ever , does not have any taste similar to mine.............and the list is endless........ so you see,I know quite a lot of  things...
                              But what I do not know , is how this jerk entered and actually became a part of my life fourteen years back , why I defend him when he forgets birthdays , how he manages to find excuses to be around every time I am upset , and actually manages to cheer me up without saying a single word , how , without any bonding , he managed to thrill my entire family when he topped the 12th boards , how he never has any advices when I desperately need one , but yet, manages to calm my nerves and clear my head , how being the exact opposite , he still manages to make me retain my tastes and have respect for them.There are a thousand more similar things that I do not know and have failed to understand.........
I never used to believe in the concept of  " best friend " , I always used to think that a guy and a girl can never be " just friends " , I used to think that the idea of  " gelling of the opposites " was just too cliche.......It was a firm belief of mine that me and " the jerk " could never be too close......... But then ,of course,  the jerk, has a tendency to oppose  me, he had to prove me wrong and  he did that wonderfully!
 today, I have a " best friend ", a best friend who is a guy and then too, a " just friend " ,of course we are opposites and I still love him........ and  " too close "  is just not saying enough!!

 People usually look for a " friend-philosopher-guide "  in their best friends.... I just have a jerk.... and thats precisely why I love him:) :) :)

da JERK wid me : -D


  1. CUTE & Happy Realization :p
    and I sorta like the new theme re :)

  2. @mani:yeah, sure makes me happy :)
    thank u so much :)

  3. finally.... finally... a well written article on the devastatingly magnetic and deserving personality... Da JERK.. :P

  4. Super duper loved the post and the way you dedicated it your (nice) jerk friend! :P :)

    And Miss Being Alive, stay more alive :D

  5. @sourav: thanks a lot :)
    wat to's so busy...its makin me go dead :(

  6. @abhirut: **sigh* who knows tht btr than me!!

  7. Dude, the smilies in this new font are a bit disfigured and comic - as if they were personally made by Stephen Hawkings..

  8. @saxam: i know... but i just like this font so much!!!!

  9. Best frends ar just like that still tey are bst frnds ..