Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hypothesis Of Reality

It is only when a million hypothetical situations combine, that we arrive at a real one.” This was once quoted to me by a dear friend. Although the reference at that time was quite literal, I was left wondering at the sheer honesty of the words. If we take this perspective to look at that wonderfully abstract thing called life, it becomes so easy to understand!  After all, what is life….. It is so many things, so many emotions; expectations….but if we do go into the actual depths, are these for real? Everything is in our minds…hypothetical to say, it is only how we perceive, how we react…
    And when all these hypothetical, non-existent things come together, they conjure up that magical wonder- LIFE……..

Life is…. never exactly what you want.
Life is…always wanting something more

Life is….a search that never ends.
Life is….a treasure to be found.

Life is….full of failures.
Life is….a new opportunity every day.

Life is…abandonment of dreams.
Life is….embrace of reality.

Life is….letting go off your innocence.
Life is….growing up!

Life is….betrayal at every step.
Life is….trusting each step you take.

Life is….anger, war, hatred.
Life is…..falling madly in love.

Life is….hurting and getting hurt.
Life is…. Smiles, hugs and kisses.

Life is….survival of the fittest.
Life is….. the desire to survive.

Life is…..a challenge on your face.
Life is….realizing your potential.

Life is…..hopeless nights.
Life is….hoping for the day to come.

Life is….a deadline on everything.
Life is….moving forward to the new.

Life is….such a competition!
Life is….the joy of victory.

Life is…..never good enough.
Life is….the ultimate scope of improvement.

Life is…..pain and sickness.
Life is….”get well soon”.

Life is …..separations and good byes.
Life is….”see you again”.

Life is… impossible situation.
Life is…..”miracles do happen”.

Life is….wild and weird.
Life is…..a wonder every moment.

Life is…losing your way.
Life is….finding yourself  .......

PS: Why I am happy-
This is my first ever post to be published. It recently made its way to the guest column of 'THE VIEWSPAPER', India's biggest youth paper


  1. Well written, absolutely true..:)

  2. abbe naam toh likhta
    mr. anonymous, altamash memon

  3. my life is hating to think about reality....
    my life is having u who writes AWESUM n forces me to think more n more.... :P ;)
    beautifully expressed!!!.... congo, all the best..:)

  4. @divya: u just put da biggest possible smile on face :D
    thanku gal!!

  5. @ Divya: It has got something to teach every1.Everything mentioned here is related to everybody out there in someway or the other.
    Keep us motivating..Good 1..

  6. U write really well dvd...

  7. All i can sum up life in just two words...the core of human life is self experience ...

  8. Miss u guyssss alottttttttttttt..

  9. This is for u dvd..... dont judge anyone...i hope u will read this one day.........I let my thoughts stray..the more stronger and wiser u r themore u will know,just like the trees,how much to bend without getting uprooted.perhaps its not wise to exoect everyone to stay with u in every storm. Welcome those who come back just like the birds..forgivemess heals .. companionship is needed...
    Be nice to all bcz ur stength of characyer depends on ur roots and not their need to survive or their flights of fancy!!!
    Even when the sky turns blue there will be still areas of grey.accept those and dwell on the blue and brilliant hues of rainbow to uplift u
    Remember storms test the strength of ur roots n values.hold onto them to keep u grounded till the worst passes..storms never lasts..

  10. Ur videos u have shared today they are just one word amazing gggg..... Especially the girl who was playing a character in show named friendss who got fired from frasier....u as a person is jus amazing i like ur blabbering habits....keep writing...dvd